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Martell is a leading manufacturer of Cognac, founded by Jean Martell in 1715. It was sold in 1988 by the Firino-Martell family to Seagram and again in 2002 to the Pernod Ricard Group, which also owns the Cognac brands Biscuit and Renault

The cellar master was, up to the 1980s, from the family Chapeau (in the way the cellar masters of Hennessy are from the family Fillioux).

Martell attaches importance to produce pure, soft, neutral Cognacs; thus it does not distill lees in the wine. Preferred are casks made from Tronçais oak, which is darker, with narrow pores, less tannin and more lignin, than Limousin-oak, resulting in less "wooden" aromas in the Cognac.

Much of Martell Cognac is produced from wine from the Borderies region, in contrast to other companies, which mainly sell fine Champagne Cognac. Borderies Cognac has a more nutty taste.


Travel exclusive[]

  • Martell VS Sélection Exclusive
  • Martell VSOP Reserve de crus
  • Martell ARTYS
  • Martell ODYS


Popular References[]

A clearly recognizable bottle of Martell Cordon Bleu appears in one of the first shots of the movie Apocalypse Now, in Captain Willard's hotel room in Saigon.

Martell is the cognac offered to Mr. Stern from Oscar Schindler in "Schindlers List".

The song "Tomblands" by The Libertines refers to crack pipes fashioned out of Martell minibottles.

Martell is the cognac left by the Poe Toaster at his yearly visit to Poe's gravesite